VII. Epilogue

As I write these final words, I’m sitting at my desk on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Tomorrow the Dr. Phil show will air, highlighting my exploits as one of New York City’s premier players. I am looking forward to the show – I was there for the taping obviously, but I have no idea how the editing shaped the final product.

On the way to coffee today I met a large-breasted Asian named Trina. She was wearing a fuchsia top and commented after giving me her number, “Wow you’re forward.” As she walked away, I threw a glance back to admire her slender legs and tall, confident walk. Ten minutes later, I was in the Starbucks and I was chatting with one of my favorite baristas, Roya. We were talking about blowjobs – she’s on the fence as to whether she wants to come over and demonstrate – and a cute Persian girl came into view. Sam was her name and she was building her caffeinated beverage at the bar. I got her number and told her next time she’s in from Long Island, we should have a drink. Very cute, indeed. She returned to the family SUV and made her mother sit shotgun as she got behind the driver’s seat, a proud young driver of 20, I’d reckon. Then, on the stretch back home I stopped Anya, a Russian dancer who was heading anxiously to a performance. She’s not in the neighborhood too often, but we’ll get together for a coffee before too long.

This could be your reality if you apply the steps in this guide. At thirty-two, I don’t know if I’ll be in the game for another year or five more. But, I’ve spent the last decade learning how to increase my appeal to women and maximize yield.

Whether you’re in a relationship, just out of one, or have been single for a while and want to learn how to bring more women into your reality, these skills are valuable. Use them kindly and drop me a line with stories, fumbles, scores or humorous episodes. You can reach me at

And if you’ve enjoyed this guide, and want to take things further, then I highly suggest you consider one of my phone coaching programs. I’ve put a lot of effort into creating them, and I receive hundreds of testimonials from guys all over the world who are putting these powerful dating techniques to use, and who are getting mind-blowing results with women. So I urge you to check them out and take your game to the next level.

I wish you the best out there. It’s our planet to take back. Go out there, men!

To The Good Life,
Paul Janka