What’s Inside

Attraction Formula is made up of a suite of specialized products, each offering proven, practical, and highly-effective tips for meeting women.

Attraction Formula eBook

This 88 page guide outlines the experiences and resulting system for meeting women that Paul developed over ten years of approaching women on the streets of New York City. Concise and well written, this is a roadmap to extraordinary success with women that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Advanced Training Videos

You also get access to Paul’s exclusive New York seminar. In it, Paul gets into the nitty-gritty, and explains in depth, exactly how to meet almost any woman in just sixty seconds. Also known as “Beyond the Digits,” this seminar is legendary in the field of pick up and seduction. Truly a “must see!”

Paul Janka Coaching

You also get “member’s only” access to Paul Janka and his certified coaches. Get advanced notice to Paul’s sold-out personal coaching calendar or take your game to the next level with a certified phone coach, who can help you with specific stumbling blocks and get the results you’re looking for.

Remember: There’s a reason why Paul is routinely invited to appear on TV, do newspaper or magazine interviews, or asked to jump onto the radio to talk about his techniques … And it’s the same reason why – by the time you read this – it could easily be that 70,000 … 80,000 or even 100,000 guys are in the position where they use this formula to create the dating life or relationship they’ve always wanted…

It’s because it WORKS.