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Your Program Is Amazing

“Your program is amazing. You really know how to explain the mindset of a guy who is very successful with women, and I think that is how your book really stands out from the other treatises on the subject. Reading it I can see exactly the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. I also see how the market is rigged against men being successful with women and it is also clear to me why your contrarian approach is so successful. From now on I am playing by your rules, not society’s and I immediately feel liberated!”– Matt R.

One Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Done

“Firstly just wanted to say that buying your program has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m 19 from Australia, and while I’d get my fair share of hookups from going out to bars with mates, I also experienced alot of frustration and never had the confidence to approach girls on the street during the day and hit them up for their number. Since reading your book 2 weeks ago, my whole mindset has changed about where to meet girls, how to properly deal with them, and also love the idea about not spending money on them until they show their “worth”. I’m not trying to blow smoke up your ass mate haha but just saying thank you.”– Josh S.

The Hottest Girl I Have Ever Talked To

“I used your guide last night and I got some digits from the hottest girl I have EVER talked to. I just didn’t try to have sex with her, which I might have been able to pull off. She was bored outside of the club and I thought, ‘Oh! Look, she’s out of her element,’ and went in. I was right. I think I’m going to call her up either tonight, if I can’t hold off, or tomorrow night for some drinks that night. Thanks!”– Roland G.

Surpasses Every Other Book I’ve Read

“I’ve been waiting for something like this forever, and after having already read a million other ebooks, I want to say that yours surpasses every other ebook I’ve read. Mostly I love how it’s written, it’s not thrown together all half-assed. It’s clear that you’re not doing it for the purpose of making money. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for that, I will be absorbing all your stuff when it hits my inbox. I also look forward to putting this into practice.”– Don H


“Paul, I live in the suburbs and have been using online dating. Track record with the “exchange emails back/forth for 2 weeks and then meet for dinner” strategy: 0-5. Saw you on the Today Show, downloaded your book, and immediately tried it. Instead of incessant emails, just said, “let’s meet for a drink”, “has to be tonight”, “I’m busy all weekend”. Picked a spot where we could sit side-by-side. Said virtually nothing about myself; let her do all the talking (which she gladly did). Two drinks later we were in the car headed back to my place…Genius!”– Tim D.

Already More Confident With Women

“I was very pleased with the content in the attraction formula package. What I really like is how straight forward and no BS you are. There is no theory, the focus is on what has worked for you in direct experience. You clearly are somewhat who walks the talk and can teach others to do the same. You have really motivated me to get off my ass more and make it happen. I have been approaching much more. Your nonchalanceness is contagious and has really rubbed off on me. Already I am more confident and direct with women. And its great that I don’t need to memorize any lines or routines. Thank you very much for sharing your experience-gained wisdom. I look forward to a lot more fun with girls in the coming months and a personal transformation.You are the man!”– Steven F.

Ignore This Advice At Your Own Peril

“Takes you from square one to the end game. If you are sick of being bombarded with the BS that is out in the seduction community these days, this material is for you. Follow the system that has been brilliantly articulated here and you will see your success skyrocket. Just internalizing the Mindset has been a major addition to my game. Ignore this advice at your peril.”– Joe N.

My Game Has Definitely Improved

“Paul, just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the book. The immigration analogy is so true, it’s like night and day. I think the book is so good because it isn’t filled with bullshit theories and crazy “energy” talk. I think the readers really respect and enjoy the straight forward, practical, and easy to implement advice. I guess the ultimate compliment though is that my game has definitely improved.”– Andy F.

Your Program Is Going To Change My Life

“Hi Paul, My name is John, I am a single forty year old from New Orleans. I always watched friends of mine with the unflappable confidence you mention in your book and I truly thought it was there looks which allowed them to have this benefit. I have only begun to read your book (page 20) but I can already see the err of my ways and know this book is going to change my life. I’m sure you are very busy, if nothing more I wanted to thank you for writing this book and the good it should bring for all men willing.”– John G.

The Michael Jordan of Meeting Women

“I got your program and all I can say is, genius truly a genius! It takes a lot to impress me and I think you are the perfect role model for men tightening up their game. I see that you are well educated and have put every bit of thought into what works and what doesn’t, your ambition is unbelievable! Truly the Michael Jordan of meeting women!”– Todd L.

There Should Be a Statue Erected of You

“Hey Paul, don’t know if you got this message but wanted to tell you…your products and your message has made a dramatic change in my life…I’m dating a Russian girl now and every time I go out to the city with my wings your book is alive and it speaks to me in your voice if I’m getting shot-down…I’m not being crazy lol…you gave the meat of the very important details rather than other coaches who confuse you all the time…there should be a statue erected of you that changed the lives of many men…I wanted to say thank you…me and my wings are benefiting GREATLY from you sir and god bless!!”– Parminder S.

Ended The Night With Four Numbers

“Its hard to believe that I could feel so differently about how I view myself and women in such a short time. All the subjects in your program make perfect sense. I read your book one weekend and literally the next weekend I was out just going to grab a few drinks with a buddy of mine. I couldnt believe it when I ended the night with 4 numbers and being asked to come out the very next night. I did and had a blast and met a very sexy girl, prior stripper in fact. Im not gonna lie but it happend so fast Iv been caught in a rush. Iv been feeling off and intimidated since then, Im rollin with it though. So thank you and I look forward to learning more not only about women but myself as a man.”– Vince B.

My Sex Life Has Sky Rocketed

“I have a situation..a unique one that you can probably related…about one year ago I started reading/buying your material..and I have to say my sex life has sky rocketed…and i have so many numbers and so many prospects….that is pretty crazy..thanks to your material…but now I found this girl that I really feel a connection with and she does too…how do you go about this…because i know this is something you probably did when you started dating your current gf? I would appreciated if you will respond and give me some of your genius advice…thanks very much..your fan!”– Julio S.

The Entrance Manual To The Life of Every Man

“Dude you have seriously changed my whole mode of thinking, from a kind of light approach, nice, kind and friendly to a rock solid, entitled, confident I wanna fuck you approach. I always knew deep down what to do but didn’t really know what to say or how to capitalize on it. I know I am a good looking individual and girls are frequently checking me out but i didn’t know how to engage them on the level that I knew would have results and be able to have sex with them in the first time i’d met up with them, and through your techniques I have done just that already a few times and my mojo is so high and i feel so good about myself and have such a good confidence level. I just want to say thank you for the guidance and I personally think these self proven techniques should be an entrance manual to the life of every man. Thank you brother, you… are the man.”– Tyler S.